Lonely Heart
Diru-Dozing Green


I think I love to hate you. 



29.10.07 15:04

Wise Guys-Kaiser Franz :D

-bier aufmach-

Hahaha.It's amazing how dumb you are able to be :3

I thought you are a bit silly but all in all a lovely person, but I slowly realise, you are the type of person I'll always hate.

God damn. Learn to act like a normal person.It's so funny to see what you're doin' wrong every day. Maybe I might Give you a headshot.

then it's over.for you.

-börps- kreativ sein ist anstrengend und nie kriegt man ein dankeschoen dafür :O

5.10.07 13:46

Love Buzz-Nirvana

I love that song.


- - - - -

I think you don't really love me & you don't even know how you hurt me.

I won't cry again, like I did years before. I'm just going to hurt myself again and again.'Cause it feels so good. And while I do I'll curse you, Baby.

You are nothing worth in my world.<3


2.9.07 16:35

Once I thought...

...my life might be lucky one day.

I cried for my luck.I suffered so long.I listened to your stupid lies. I thought you understand me.I thought you might know anything about me one day, if I'd try hard enough.

Once I thought.Today I blank stare.

30.8.07 19:19





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